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August 15, 2012

Growing your own “Local Produce”

We’ve all been hearing about buying local, whether it be supporting your local businesses which in turn supports your community’s economy. Another is buying local produce at your local farm stands which is a great way to support the local farms in the region. Many people are concerned with where their fruits and vegetables are being grown and what type of chemicals are being applied to them. You can’t get any more “local” if you grow your own vegetables in your backyard. Nothing is more rewarding than picking lettuce and tomatoes that you grew yourself and making a fresh salad for that evening’s dinner.

Gardening can be very rewarding yet very time consuming. Gardening with your children teaches them important life lessons on responsibility  and experiences that will be with them for the rest of their lives. There are a lot of ways to help minimize the effort needed for your “local” gardens. One way is to create a raised garden planter box which elevates the planting media above the existing grade which provide excellent drainage and also allows for the proper mixture of topsoil and compost so that the vegetables thrive. Locating the vegetable planters in a sunny location is key.

DeFranco Landscaping has constructed numerous raised bed vegetable gardens and perimeter fences over the years. One thing to remember is that garden boxes should not be constructed out of pressure-treated timbers if you are going to be planting edible fruits and vegetables due to the chemicals used to treat the wood.

Below is one raised bed vegetable gardens that was creatively decorated.

Raised Vegetable Garden Box

Selecting the right vegetables is also important for making your gardening experience a success. Stick with vegetables that tend to require less maintenance: lettuce, carrots, beets, cucumbers, squash, brocolli and peppers.  Add a few of your favorite herbs too. There are a variety of fruit trees that can also be added for your gardening pleasure as well.

Raised Garden Boxes and fencing to keep the critters out

One last word of advice: After you plant all the vegetables and plants in your vegetable box, you need to consider whether a perimeter fence is needed. Most locations in the Adirondacks will require some type of fencing to keep rabbits, woodchucks, deer and the occasional birds off the blueberry bushes.  The type of fence that you need will really depend on what you plant.

Let our skilled carpenters create your dream garden for you. All we need is an idea and we can “dream” up the design that meets or exceeds your expectations. Garden boxes can be filled with organic topsoil or even “certified” organic topsoil should you desire to go to that level.



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