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August 11, 2013

Timber Stairways provide Improved Access to Lake Front Properties

DeFranco Landscaping was retained to replace the existing stairways to the main lake house and stairways to the lakeshore and dock area. The property was recently purchased and the new owners had concerns for the safety of their guests when using the old rotten stairways that were in disrepair. The old timbers were also directing stormwater runoff directly toward the lake house.


Existing Condition of original Stairway (To be Replaced)

Existing Condition of original Stairway (To be Replaced)


New Timber Stariway and Red Juniper Railing

New Timber Stairway and Red Juniper Railing

Timber stairways can be one of the most cost-effective options to constructing new accesses to the Lake. They can be constructed with minimal disturbance to trees/roots and less expensive than many other options.

Looking Down Timber Stairway to Lake House

Looking Down Timber Stairway to Lake House


Timber Lakeshore Access with Cedar Railing

Timber Lakeshore Access with Cedar Railing

Open up your property to endless possibilities by improving accesses and let our craftsman design your next access to the Lake. We can work with your dock builder to coordinate all the “land” activities.


Timber Shoreline Access from the Lake

Timber Shoreline Access from the Lake




June 11, 2013

Colors Throughout the Season in a Commercial Setting

Dunkin’ Donuts of Ticonderoga has an attractive landscape due in part to the diverse plants and shrubs that were selected for the site. Color is provided throughout the season by numerous perennials and blooming shrubs. Some of the original plantings are still at the core of this renovated landscape. Many of the plantings have been replaced with flowering perennials and shrubs that provide color throughout the season.

Dunkin' Donuts-Ticonderoga-Great Fall Color & Texture with Ornamental Grasses

Is it time to renovate your landscape setting? Are your shrub beds lacking that color throughout the seasons? Are you envious of your neighbor’s landscaped yard? Give us a call. We can put some splashes of color into your landscape to make your yard stand out from the crowd.

Dunkin' Donuts-Spring Color-from Little Miss Kim Lilacs from original site's plantings complimented with various flowering perennials


June 7, 2013

Boat House Cottage- Stormwater Design, Septic System Design and Landscape Installation- The Complete Package

We had the unique opportunity to work on a property that we have been involved with for over a decade. With the new construction work for an addition being completed, there was an opportunity to correct many existing problems. It started with Anthony DeFranco, PE designing (2) new rain gardens for capturing and treating all of the stormwater runoff from the existing house along with the addition per the Town of Hague Planning Board’s request.

The rain gardens were shaped into the existing contours of the site to minimize disruption to the banks above Lake George. The rain gardens were constructed and planted by DeFranco Landscaping’s green infrastructure crew. New gutters and roof leaders were installed to collect and convey stormwater to the rain gardens.


Rain Garden Installation

During the construction work on the addition, the residents were experiencing problems with their existing pressurized wastewater treatment system. Anthony DeFranco, PE and Bruce Geraw of OK Sanitary did some exploritory work on the alarm system and realized that the pumps were not pumping a large volume of leachate up to the leachfield. It was determined through an excavation that the 1-inch pressure line’s 1/4-inch holes had been clogged. Anthony DeFranco, PE re-designed the system with a new leach field configuration along with increasing the size and capacity of the duplex pumps.

OK Sanitary replaced the leach field with new piping and (2) new 1-horsepower pumps were installed in the pump chamber to better serve the system’s head requirements. Trees were cleared around the perimeter of the leach field to allow more sunlight in and provide better evapo-transpiration. The leach field was hydroseeded after the construction.

July 31, 2012

Sod Installation at the Chelka Lodge-in time for the Summer Season

The Chelka Lodge located in Diamond Point on Lake George recently completed a large remodeling project of their lakeside units. The resort is located on 400-feet of shoreline in a very quiet bay on the west side of Lake George and has 25-units.

DeFranco Landscaping was contacted to install sod on a portion of the lawn area that had been disturbed during construction. The timeframe and deadline for completion of the work was tight with Memorial Day fast approaching. All deadlines were met and the irrigation system was extended to provide sprinklers in the new sod locations.


Sod Installation at Chelka Lodge in Diamond Point


The Chelka Lodge is a member of the Bolton Landing Chamber of Commerce. For more information on the Chelka Lodge, visit their website at www.chelkalodge.com

July 31, 2012

102 Montcalm Street-Landscape Renovation Project

The landscaping of the building that houses the Times of Ti was recently renovated. The existing landscaping was outdated and overshadowed the building, blocking sunlight into many of the building’s windows and reducing visibility of the building to traffic travelling along Montcalm Street.

The large tree in the front lawn was in poor condition and growing into the roof of the building. It was decided to remove it to provide better visibility and reduce the chance that the tree would fall into the building. The trunk of the tree was rotted in numerous locations. Many of the shrubs were overgrown and had lost their shape.

102 Montcalm Street

102 Montcalm Street


May 11, 2012

Fort Ticonderoga King’s Garden’s Allee coming back to Life

DeFranco Landscaping has started the Fort Ticonderoga King’s Garden Allee tree planting project last week. Planting of (50) ‘Karpick’ Red Maples (Acer rubrum) was completed last week in the Allee between Fort Ticonderoga and the King’s Garden. Project really enhances the entrance into the King’s Garden from the Fort. Visit www.fort-ticonderoga.org for more information on the King’s Garden and their summer schedule. Admission to the King’s Garden is included in the fort’s admission.

The King’s Garden is a term used on 18th-century military maps to delineate the Fort’s garrison gardens. The King’s garden was originally designed in 1921 by a leading landscape architect, Marian Coffin. The new trees lead to the nine foot brick walls of the King’s Garden.

Check out the progress photos:

Initial Layout of the Allee


Tree Plantings in the Allee


Dave DeFranco waters one of the Red Maples

May 11, 2012

Before-After Photos of Dunkin’ Donuts-Ticonderoga

A few progress photos of the Dunkin’ Donuts  in Ticonderoga before work and after the landscaping installation.

Dunkin' Donuts-After Weeding and Bed Renovation


Completed Landscaping at Dunkin' Donuts


April 14, 2012

Dunkin’ Donuts Returning to Ticonderoga with “New” Landscaping by DeFranco Landscaping

The Ticonderoga Dunkin’ Donuts opened and closed abruptly 4-years ago and will now be re-opening for business again. The property has been vacant since it closed on April 2, 2008.

The new Ticonderoga Dunkin’ Donuts will be entirely remodeled and the outside landscaping will be completely renovated. The new owners have local landscaper David DeFranco on board.  “We want to make it stand out,” Greg Sagris said. “It will look great.”

The Dunkin’ Donuts is located near a Walmart SuperCenter, RiteAid Drugs, Subway, McDonald’s and other commercial enterprises.

“We are thrilled that they are investing in the Ticonderoga community,” Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Matt Courtright said. “In addition to getting the building back online, they are working on landscaping plans with DeFranco Landscaping to create a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere. This is one of the first buildings you see as you enter Ticonderoga, and we are excited that it will be coming back to life.”

Dunkin' Donuts-Ticonderoga

Dunkin' Donuts-Ticonderoga-Start of Landscape Renovation

This article appeared on the front page of the Press Republican on Thursday, April 12, 2012. To view the entire article. please follow the link below:


The appearance of the exterior of a commercial property can be critical to business traffic. A business has one chance at a person’s first impression. It can help draw traffic to your business. Landscape maintenance should be looked at as an opportunity to help keep your business’s appearance up, not as an unnecessary expense. The cost for property maintenance is proportional to the amount of maintenance visits. It can cost significantly more to renovate a site that has been neglected versus one that has been consistently maintained.


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