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June 8, 2013

DeFranco Landscaping Provides Seminars & Presentations to the Community

Many Hague and Ticonderoga residents are aware of David DeFranco’s “science talks”. He is a former science teacher with a vast array of knowledge in science and nature. His presentations take him back to his teaching days of lecturing to students in the classroom. He has a history of taking over classroom field trips with his local geological knowledge & insights into nature that even impress the “locals”. Some of his presentations are legendary. His Bat Presentation at the Silver Bay YMCA in 2012 is still the talk of many cocktail parties.  Silver Bay residents are still commenting that: “I cannot believe Dave actually dressed up in a brown-nosed bat costume for the presentation.”

Dave has provided numerous presentations on current gardening trends to the latest invasive threats to our Adirondack trees-Emerald Ash Borers & Asian Long Horn Beetles. Dave has presented seminars to the local garden clubs, Silver Bay YMCA and various other service organizations in the region.

Anthony DeFranco, PE is following in his father’s footsteps to some degree. He has also provided seminars on various landscaping topics to garden clubs and local Kiwanis organizations. He also presented “Stormwater Management and Rain Garden Design” at the 2nd Annual Garden & Landscape Symposium at Fort Ticonderoga on April 13, 2013. The presentation focused on how a homeowner can create a rain garden using native plants and vegetation to control surface runoff from leaving their property.

Anthony has also presented “Landscaping with Ornamental Grasses & Native Grasses” to the Carillon Garden Club.  His presentation focused on having the gardening community select native plants for their landscape settings.

Last week, Anthony presented “Rain Gardens to Shoreline Buffers- The How & Why” at the Darrin Fresh Water Institute’s 2013 Summer Lecture Series in Bolton Landing, NY on August 5th, 2013. The presentation covered many “land” activities that can affect Lake George’s water quality, from stormwater runoff, septic systems, fertilizers, geese populations and native vegetated shoreline buffers. The large audience had many specific stormwater and landscaping questions along with their concerns for the health of Lake George.

Please contact DeFranco Landscaping, if you would like us to “talk” at your next group’s meeting. Dave & Tony’s diverse backgrounds provide for a wide-range of speaking topics. Please understand that summertime events need to be scheduled well in advance. The off-season works much better for our schedules.

June 7, 2013

Rain Gardens to Shoreline Buffers-Why DeFranco Landscaping is focusing on Sustainability with Green Infrastructure

As many businesses are focusing on becoming green, site design and landscaping practices have also been evolving with more low-impact development techniques , particularly using green stormwater infrastructure practices. Established in 1984, DeFranco Landscaping, Inc. is a full-service professional landscaping company that focuses on using these techniques on
sensitive lakefront properties along the Lake George shoreline and surrounding Adirondack region.

DeFranco Landscaping has been using these techniques on many of the properties over the years and were the proud recipient of the 2010 Frank Leonbruno Memorial Lake Stewardship
Award from the Lake George Watershed Coalition for use of native plants in their landscape design.  Some of their native plant designs and lake-friendly landscaping have been featured on the Lake George Association’s website.

DeFranco Landscaping’s shoreline and stormwater expertise and recent projects were featured in The Post Star on June 4, 2013:



Post Star Photo- DeFranco placing native plants in a new buffer along the shoreline of Lake George.

Anthony DeFranco, PE, CNLP who manages the firm, received a “20 Under 40” Award from the Post Star newspaper in 2011. The newspaper along with Glens Falls Hospital recognizes 20 of tomorrow’s leaders who are not only successful in their careers, but also leaders within their community.

He is a Certified Nursery & Landscape Professional (CNLP) who has been focusing some of the company’s staff on green infrastructure installations, such as rain gardens, permeable paver systems, shoreline buffers using native plants to help reduce stormwater runoff from reaching Lake George.

DeFranco is also a licensed Professional Engineer with a degree in civil and environmental engineering is the owner of an engineering consulting business: Anthony W. DeFranco,
PE-Consulting Engineer, which focuses on site design, stormwater management design, permitting and engineered septic systems. DeFranco notes that his area of expertise focuses on areas that are critical to the long-term health of Lake George. He notes that new NYSDEC Stormwater design regulations went into effect in March 2011 that are going to affect all property owners who are building houses or disturbing the ground.

DeFranco notes that the combination of his consulting practice and his family’s landscaping business provides a one-stop shop for clients looking for civil/site design through the installation of the green infrastructure practices to reduce stormwater runoff volumes that potentially could have been entering the shoreline of Lake George.

DeFranco stresses that the landscape industry will need to have a good understanding of stormwater to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Vegetated shoreline buffers help protect the shoreline from erosion and minimize sediment and nutrients from entering the lake. Native plants thrive without fertilizer and filter nutrients out of the runoff before they enter the lake. The buffers also provide privacy by screening out light and noise from activities on the lake. They can also help frame a beautiful view and provide habitat that attracts birds and other wildlife.

May 28, 2012

DeFranco Landscaping Attends the LGA Lake Friendly Living Open House

The Lake George Association’s 2nd Annual Lake-Friendly Living Open House was held on Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 at the LGA’s office at 2392 Route 9N in Lake George, NY.  The show highlighted local businesses that are experts on lake-friendly living.

Anthony DeFranco, PE and Mark Altwerger attended the event for DeFranco Landscaping with varying lake expertise & experiences. Altwerger has worked for the LGA as a lake steward. DeFranco is a professional engineer who has also worked for the Darrin Freshwater Institute. They provided attendees with information on various products and services for their lake-friendly projects while discussing the latest regulations related to site design, stormwater management and septic systems and the benefits of shoreline buffers.

The combination of Anthony DeFranco, PE-Consulting Engineer and the green infrastructure expertise of DeFranco Landscaping gives a home owner the “complete package” when it comes to lake-friendly living. DeFranco Landscaping specializes in rain garden installation, stormwater management, hydroseeding/erosion control, shoreline buffers with native plantings  and permeable pavers.

(Left to Right) Betty Spinelli, Joe Stanik (Lake George Park Commissioner), Mark Altwerger and Anthony DeFranco, PE discuss the benefits of stormwater management at the 2nd Annual Lake-Friendly Living Showcase.

DeFranco Landscaping received the 2010 Frank Leonbruno Lake Stewardship Award for their use of native plants in their designs.  Anthony DeFranco, PE-Consulting Engineer is a licensed NYS professional engineer who has designed numerous rain gardens and stormwater management structures around the Lake George basin. Rain garden design is not rocket science but it does take someone who is very familar with stormwater design to properly design a functioning rain garden to the NYSDEC guidelines.  A professional engineer is required to design and “stamp” the plans of any stormwater management system for new construction and modificiations to a site/additions to a house.

DeFranco Landscaping has installed many of his designs along with native plant shoreline buffers and screenings. DeFranco Landscaping is in the process of also completing a stream restoration project in the Town of Hague. Permitting and design was completed by Anthony DeFranco, PE and the installation was tackled by Dave and Tony’s crew.

DeFranco started a civil engineering practice: Anthony DeFranco, PE –Consulting Engineer to complement his family’s landscaping and property management business. He has designed numerous engineered wastewater systems, including Pura-Flo Peat Fiber Biofilter Systems, which are an enhanced on-site wastewater treatment system (OWTS) that provides a 96% reduction in B.O.D, 99.9% reduction in fecal coliform and 90% reduction in ammonia and nitrogen to the leachate before it enters the ground. Enhanced treatment systems require additional operational maintenance, typically annual inspections that can be provided by the manufacturer of the system. A licensed engineer is required to design enhanced wastewater treatment systems. They are ideal for houses located near a body of water with limited space.

“There are a lot of opportunities for us to provide expertise to homeowners and contractors around the Lake George basin. Property owners need to be aware that a roadside ditch or drainage swale along your property can convey pollutants from your driveway or lawn into Lake George.” states DeFranco. Studies have shown that ½-inch to 1 ½-inch rain events, called
water quality events, cause more damage by carrying off pollutants from impervious and lawn areas. Anthony DeFranco, PE-Consulting Engineer has also designed numerous engineered septic systems in the Lake George basin, including Pura-Flo Peat systems, Eljen systems and raised mound systems. He can handle most site design projects from permitting, design to construction inspection.

Please feel free to contact us, if you were unable to attend and have a project in mind.

January 20, 2012

DeFranco Landscaping-Sustainable & Green Infrastructure Article-The Lake George Mirror

DeFranco Landscaping has been featured in numerous publications over the last two years. We were very pleased and honored to have the chance to discuss our family business with the The Lake George Mirror‘s Buzz Lamb.

Attached is The Lake George Mirror on sustainable landscaping : http://www.lakegeorgemirrormagazine.com/tag/dave-defranco/ DeFranco likes to try to save as many resources on each property using many of the principals of low-impact development.

 Anthony DeFranco, PE, CNLP also represented DeFranco Landscaping at the Lake George Association’s 1st Annual Lake-Friendly Living Showcase during the summer. They displayed permeable paver blocks from Techo-Bloc along with highlighting the many types of lake-friendly projects that they specialize in around the Lake George basin.  They also use native plants in most of their landscape designs and received the Frank Leonbruno Lake Stewardship Award from the Lake George Watershed Coalition in 2010 for use of Native Plants. The projects include:

  1.  Stormwater Management (rain gardens)
  2.  Erosion Control/Hydroseeding
  3.  Permeable Pavers
  4.  Shoreline Buffers / Native Plantings

Give DeFranco Landscaping a call if you have a future project that you need completed around the lake. We would be happy to help with our knowledgeable staff and experiences of working around Lake George.

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January 20, 2012

DeFranco Landscaping featured in “Going GREEN” Section of Albany Times Union!

DeFranco Landscaping was featured in the Going Green section of the Times Union on March 27, 2011. Brian Nearing’s article focused on DeFranco’s expertise of using native plants around the Lake George shoreline.

Attached is a link to the full article on the Times Union website: http://www.timesunion.com/default/article/Planting-what-comes-naturally-1316745.php

Times Union-Going Green Article-Published March 27, 2011

DeFranco Landscaping has completed numerous shoreline buffers, rain gardens (stormwater management) and native plantings around the Lake George shoreline. They have experience with shoreline accesses created out of native stone slab steps or timber construction.  Shoreline buffers with native plants allow stormwater runoff to be filtered one last time before it eventually enters Lake George. Native plants have many advantages. They require less watering, less fertilizer. This past year, the Town of Lake George and Queensbury passed laws that no phosphate fertilizers are to be applied along the shorelines of Lake George. It will also become a NYS law in 2012.

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December 25, 2011

Stream Restoration Projects Require Permits

DeFranco Landscaping working in conjunction with Anthony W. DeFranco, PE-Consulting Engineer, completed a 150-linear feet stream bank restoration project on a small unnamed stream that flows into Slacks Bay on Lake George.

The project took 10-months to complete from submission of permit application to final completion. Design plans, permit applications and all project coordination was handled by Anthony DeFranco, PE-Consulting Engineer.

A joint permit application was submitted to the appropriate regulatory agencies for approval. The existing stream bed had deteriorated due to a manicured grass swale that was constructed up to and through the stream bed by a prior property owner. Some areas along the stream had collapsed and washed away from heavy rains or where the stream had realigned itself over the years.

Stream Bed-Looking Downstream at Lake George



The stream bed was armored with native stones and the banks will be planted with a buffer of native plants in the spring that will provide shade to the stream bed, which will provide cooler stream water temperatures and stabilize the banks with their root structure to help prevent the banks from eroding and depositing soil and sediment into Lake George. The plants will also attract birds, bees and butterflies and the stone and rocks in the stream will provide great habitat for frogs and crayfish.


October 11, 2011

Rain Garden Installations

DeFranco Landscaping installed a 1,100 SF rain garden for stormwater management in Bolton Landing that was designed by Jarrett Engineers. The original vertical log home cottages were torn down and replaced with a modern 2-story vertical log home that sits on the same original footprints. Design and house reconstruction was completed by the McKiernon Group.

 The increase in stormwater runoff from the impervious driveway and roof was handled by the installation of a rain garden that helped control surface runoff along with filtering out contaminants and pollutants. Native plants were used for plantings in the rain garden. They thrive without fertilizer and filter runoff which reduce the amount of sediment and nutrients from entering Lake George. The buffer also provides privacy, screening out light and noise from neighboring properties within the development.

 Runoff from the cottages was directed to the rain garden through a dry grass swale with an under drain wrapped in stone. Erosion control measures were installed to prevent any sediment from leaving the site.  Rain gardens acts as an infiltration measure for stormwater management for roof runoff and surface runoff. They are also in the NYSDEC Stormwater Manual as a “Green Infrastructure” practice. 


Rain Garden - Bolton Landing


Rain Garden - Bolton Landing

Another rain garden was recently constructed in Sabbath Day Point. This rain garden was installed to control surface runoff from existing roof leaders. It was designed by Anthony DeFranco, PE. It was a smaller 600-SF rain garden. Two small shoreline buffer plantings were also installed to help with the situation.

Rain Garden - Sabbath Day Point

Both rain gardens were planted with native shrubs and perennials. The deeper roots of these plants in the rain garden soak up more water and nutrients. 



September 6, 2011

Shoreline Buffers can add Color to your Property

DeFranco Landscaping installed a shrub buffer of native plants along the shoreline of Lake George to help protect the shoreline from erosion and help frame the view from the front patio of the dwelling.

 Native plants thrive without fertilizer and filter runoff which reduce the amount of sediment and nutrients from enteringLake George. The buffer also provides privacy, screening out light and noise from lake activities, while framing a beautiful view.


Shoreline Buffer - Lake George


This buffer was planted last year and the shrubs and flowers have really infilled the buffer bed.

DeFranco Landscaping can provide you with native plant material that can thrive in the Adirondack region and along the Lake George shoreline.

August 13, 2011

Shoreline Buffers along Lake George

DeFranco Landscaping installed a shoreline buffer of native plants along the shoreline of Lake Georgeto help filter contaminants and pollutants. Additional plantings and a rain garden were also added as future projects along with rip-rap armored swales on the driveway to catch and direct runoff to appropriate infiltration locations.

 Native plants thrive without fertilizer and filter runoff which reduce the amount of sediment and nutrients from enteringLake George. The buffer also provides privacy, screening out light and noise from lake activities, while framing a beautiful view.

 This project has been featured in the Lake George Association’s September-November 2010 newsletter.  Lake-Saving Projects like this helped DeFranco Landscaping receive the 2010 Frank Leonbruno Memorial Lake Stewardship Award for their use of native plants around the Lake George Basin from the Lake George Watershed Coalition. DeFranco Landscaping was featured in The Times Union for their “green infrastructure” and award winning landscaping using native plants.

“DeFranco’s approach is about protecting the lake from harm,” said David Decker, director of the Lake George Watershed Coalition, which is devoted to protecting the lake. “It is about educating the homeowner.”

“DeFranco has taken the time to figure this out, and install the shoreline buffers with native plants,” said Emily DeBolt, education director for the Lake George Association, a 125-year-old lake conservation not-for-profit group that last summer helped convince the town of Lake George to ban fertilizers containing phosphorus, a potent nutrient that can help fuel lake algae.

Read more about DeFranco’s approach at : http://www.timesunion.com/business/article/Planting-what-comes-naturally-1316745.php#ixzz1UrxRBsWd


Native Plant Shoreline Buffer - Lake George

 DeFranco Landscaping can provide their clients with a list of native plant material that can thrive in Adirondack region and along theLake George shoreline. Not to mention deer-resistant plant material for different regions. David DeFranco notes that: “We are finding that deer seem to like different plant material in different locations. We are finding that they have different tastes for plants. Many plants that were once thought to be “deer resistant” may not be the case in your location.” DeFranco cautions planting the usual suspects such as many evergreen species, unless you plan to protect them.  Deer especially love Hostas.

Native Plant Shoreline Buffer - Lake George

August 13, 2011

Another Green Infrastructure Project Completed

DeFranco Landscaping recently completed a landscaping project in the Town of Lake George that required to installation of permeable pavers to minimize stormwater runoff for additional length of impervious driveway and a new rain garden/ stream bank buffer. The rain garden was installed per NYSDEC guidelines for the new sotrmwater regulations along with the use of native plants for vegetation.

Permeable Paver Installation

The lawn was hydroseeded which helped expedite seed germination. Grass was starting to show after about 5-days from hydroseed spraying. Erosion control measures were installed along the project perimeter to help minimize sediment from entering the stream that flows into Lake George. For more information on this project or any similar projects, please contact us at 518-543-6089 or [email protected]. We would be happy to provide our expertise to other design consultants and potential clients with a site consultation with similar projects. Follow us on Facebook for other interesting projects and ideas.

Rain Garden with Native Plants


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