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June 7, 2013

Rain Gardens to Shoreline Buffers-Why DeFranco Landscaping is focusing on Sustainability with Green Infrastructure

As many businesses are focusing on becoming green, site design and landscaping practices have also been evolving with more low-impact development techniques , particularly using green stormwater infrastructure practices. Established in 1984, DeFranco Landscaping, Inc. is a full-service professional landscaping company that focuses on using these techniques on
sensitive lakefront properties along the Lake George shoreline and surrounding Adirondack region.

DeFranco Landscaping has been using these techniques on many of the properties over the years and were the proud recipient of the 2010 Frank Leonbruno Memorial Lake Stewardship
Award from the Lake George Watershed Coalition for use of native plants in their landscape design.  Some of their native plant designs and lake-friendly landscaping have been featured on the Lake George Association’s website.

DeFranco Landscaping’s shoreline and stormwater expertise and recent projects were featured in The Post Star on June 4, 2013:



Post Star Photo- DeFranco placing native plants in a new buffer along the shoreline of Lake George.

Anthony DeFranco, PE, CNLP who manages the firm, received a “20 Under 40” Award from the Post Star newspaper in 2011. The newspaper along with Glens Falls Hospital recognizes 20 of tomorrow’s leaders who are not only successful in their careers, but also leaders within their community.

He is a Certified Nursery & Landscape Professional (CNLP) who has been focusing some of the company’s staff on green infrastructure installations, such as rain gardens, permeable paver systems, shoreline buffers using native plants to help reduce stormwater runoff from reaching Lake George.

DeFranco is also a licensed Professional Engineer with a degree in civil and environmental engineering is the owner of an engineering consulting business: Anthony W. DeFranco,
PE-Consulting Engineer, which focuses on site design, stormwater management design, permitting and engineered septic systems. DeFranco notes that his area of expertise focuses on areas that are critical to the long-term health of Lake George. He notes that new NYSDEC Stormwater design regulations went into effect in March 2011 that are going to affect all property owners who are building houses or disturbing the ground.

DeFranco notes that the combination of his consulting practice and his family’s landscaping business provides a one-stop shop for clients looking for civil/site design through the installation of the green infrastructure practices to reduce stormwater runoff volumes that potentially could have been entering the shoreline of Lake George.

DeFranco stresses that the landscape industry will need to have a good understanding of stormwater to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Vegetated shoreline buffers help protect the shoreline from erosion and minimize sediment and nutrients from entering the lake. Native plants thrive without fertilizer and filter nutrients out of the runoff before they enter the lake. The buffers also provide privacy by screening out light and noise from activities on the lake. They can also help frame a beautiful view and provide habitat that attracts birds and other wildlife.

November 11, 2011

Project Highlight: Rain Garden

This rain garden was recently installed in Silver Bay on Lake George. It was a 600-SF rain garden designed to the NYSDEC stormwater guidelines.

Rain Garden Installation

This rain garden was designed to treat stormwater runoff from roof leaders and foundation drains.  Native plant species were selected that can tolerate a wet/dry environment.

Rain Garden – Silver Bay, NY
Please feel free to contact us if you have a  stormwater runoff problem or would like additional information on why rain gardens can help protect Lake George.

August 13, 2011

Project Follow-Up – Silver Bay YMCA Welcome Sign at Night

We have received a lot of compliments on our recent work at the Silver Bay YMCA and thought our followers/viewers would like to see some follow-up pictures of the project. Attached is a photo of the Silver Bay YMCA Welcome Sign at night. You will be seeing a similar project somewhere in the near future. Just wait and see. We have been working on another site that is going to really showcase our artistic talents.  

The sign structure is built for the long-term and should hold up to almost anything, barring a tree falling on it, a 52 foot tractor trailer hitting it or a major natural disaster. Concrete footings and pier are substantial for this sign. (Over Designing never hurts)

Silver Bay YMCA Welcome Sign at night


August 6, 2011

Silver Bay YMCA Welcome Sign Completed

The Silver Bay YMCA Welcome Sign project has been completed.  DeFranco Landscaping took the project from initial design through construction. Full Service Design (Renderings, Landscape Plans,  Design Plans and Permitting with LGPC and the Town of Hague)were provided on this project.  The project scope included the installation of a new rock wall that was shifted back from Silver Bay Road to provide a wider shoulder for vehicles and snowplowing during the winter months. A set of slab steps were also installed along with a porous walkway that was placed over grass cells to provide pedestrian access to the gym and beach area from (3) cottages located at the southern end of the campus.

Landscape plantings were installed along the walkway path and consisted primarily of native plants. The disturbed areas were hydroseeded prior to project completion. Erosion Control measures were implemented and modified as needed to prevent sediment from leaving the site and entering Lake George.

Finished Landscaping & Welcome Sign Bed

The main part of the project was the installation of a new welcoming sign for Silver Bay YMCA. Two stone masonry piers were poured and a landscape bed was constructed around the welcome sign pier. Exterior lighting was also provided to light the sign in evenings. The sign was shifted prior to construction to minimize glare to neighboring cottages and reduce impacting the view of Lake George upon entering the campus. The landscape plantings around the welcome sign took into account the shade conditions as well as using primarily native plants.

Numerous visitors and seasonal residents have been praising the work. We enjoyed all aspects of this project, allowing us to highlight the wide range of services and craftmanship that our crews have and can bring to a project.

We look forward to working with other commercial businesses in the area that are looking to upgrade their entrance ways and signage. We can provide a “wow” factor to make people take notice.  

Stone Retaining Wall, Granite Slab Steps and Walkway Plantings

August 5, 2011

Silver Bay Sign Bed Nears Completion

The work at Silver Bay YMCA is nearing completion. The pillars and framing of the structure are completed. The beds are ready for landscaping.

We look forward to displaying the finished product. We have received a lot of compliments of this project.

 The rock wall and porous stone walkways are also installed.



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