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January 23, 2016

Patios make great Outdoor Living Spaces

Adding a patio can extend your living space to the outdoors.  Locating the patio in a good location can provide unique views that can only be seen from that spot. They provide a location for entertaining family and friends, whether it be relaxing and watching a sunset after a long day on the water or relaxing in Adirondack chairs with your favorite wine or beverage of choice. Patios should be functional and sized to accommodate family barbeques and other social gatherings.



Layout and pedestrian flow should be looked at by the designer to make sure that accessibility does not become an issue. Attention to focal points and destinations on the property should be highlighted to create a consistent flow path to docks, entrances, parking areas and viewpoints on the property.

Adding other features, such as a fire pit extend the family time into the evening.  These outdoor locations can be a great morning spot watching the sunrise with a cup of your favorite coffee or watching the sunset with your favorite bottle of wine.




August 11, 2013

Timber Stairways provide Improved Access to Lake Front Properties

DeFranco Landscaping was retained to replace the existing stairways to the main lake house and stairways to the lakeshore and dock area. The property was recently purchased and the new owners had concerns for the safety of their guests when using the old rotten stairways that were in disrepair. The old timbers were also directing stormwater runoff directly toward the lake house.


Existing Condition of original Stairway (To be Replaced)

Existing Condition of original Stairway (To be Replaced)


New Timber Stariway and Red Juniper Railing

New Timber Stairway and Red Juniper Railing

Timber stairways can be one of the most cost-effective options to constructing new accesses to the Lake. They can be constructed with minimal disturbance to trees/roots and less expensive than many other options.

Looking Down Timber Stairway to Lake House

Looking Down Timber Stairway to Lake House


Timber Lakeshore Access with Cedar Railing

Timber Lakeshore Access with Cedar Railing

Open up your property to endless possibilities by improving accesses and let our craftsman design your next access to the Lake. We can work with your dock builder to coordinate all the “land” activities.


Timber Shoreline Access from the Lake

Timber Shoreline Access from the Lake




June 8, 2013

Entranceways Make Statements

Entranceways can be an extension of your home. Entranceways can help make statement. They lead or help direct visitors into your home. A small flagstone walkway can provide a solid entrance to the home while also act as an functional outdoor space that can be complimented by landscaping.

Flagstone Walkways & Patios created from local stone can provide Adirondack Character


Concrete pavers are another great material to use for walkways and patios. They are a uniform size, which make installation easy. Pavers are interlocked together providing a bond between each paver, preventing them from moving. The pavers will act as a system. One great new product on the market that is gaining traction around the Lake George basin  are permeable pavers. The pavers are still solid concrete blocks, but have voids (small gaps) between where the pavers meet next to one another to allow water to filter through the voids into a stone material below the pavers.

Permeable Paver Walkways compliment new construction by reducing the stormwater runoff footprint

Permeable Paver Walkways compliment new construction by reducing the stormwater runoff footprint

The permeable paver systems are designed to store surface runoff that is travelling over the pavers under the paver system, thus reducing the amount of stormwater runoff that is leaving the site. They are considered “green infrastructure” measures within the NYSDEC Stormwater Management Design Manual.  These systems can be designed by a licensed professional engineer so that they meet your required storage volume for your patio or walkway.

Techo-Bloc "Mista" are a great choice for Permeable Pavers.

Please give us a call if you are considering using these products. The design and installation of these systems seem straight-forward, but do require a great bit of experience of installing them to make them truly work properly and last for a lifetime . The proper design will also prevent major “ponding” issues of standing water sitting on top of you patio. You do not want to cut any corners when using a permeable paver system. There also are some maintenance requirements that homeowners need to be aware of prior to installing so that the permeable paver systems last. One reason that we like the Techo-Bloc products are that they meet the Canadian ASTM requirements, meaning they have met the freeze-thaw cycle testing, which means that they will hold up to Adirondack winters!

Patio constructed from Techo-Bloc Mista permeable pavers in Lake George


May 11, 2012

Paver Patios can create “Outdoor Living” spaces for Docks

Techo-Bloc Paver Patio by DeFranco Landscaping

This paver patio was installed along the lakeshore of Lake George to compliment a new dock that was erected by The Dock Doctors, “the Waterfront Experts” from Vermont. The patio was made out of Techo-Bloc “Aberdeen” pavers set on top of a concrete frost wall.  Check out our website for other great patio ideas. Do you know that DeFranco Landscaping has ICPI certified installers? ICPI is the Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute.

Lawn area was re-established with hydroseeding. For more information on paver patios or Techo-Bloc products, please contact your paver experts at DeFranco Landscaping.

Techo-Bloc Paver Patio by DeFranco Landscaping


Paver patios can be an extension of your home and provide that additional “outdoor” living space that your lakefront home needs for those extended family gatherings, barbeques and all of those summer time activities. Let us help you design that patio or outdoor living space that you have been dreaming about or seen in a catalog.

Techo-Bloc Aberdeen paver patio with soldier course-Brant Lake, NY




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