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August 25, 2011

Adopt-A-Highway Clean-Up Completed!

DeFranco Landscaping, Inc. recently completed their roadside beautification for their 2-mile Adopt-A-Highway section along Route 9N between Ticonderoga and Hague on August 22, 2011. 6 to 7 bags of debri were collected from the drainage ditches and Right-Of-Way.

 Across the country, thousands of communities have signaled their commitment to keepingAmerica beautiful by adopting stretches of highway and pledging to keep them litter-free. Some interesting facts aboutNew YorkState’s Adopt-A-Highway Program:

  • Approximately 5,000 miles of New York State highway roadsides are adopted.
  • The New York State Department of Transportation has 2,400 active Adopt-A-Highway agreements in place.
  • Volunteer groups, organizations, businesses or individuals may adopt a segment of highway as long as there are no other adopters of that segment.
  • An adopted highway segment is usually two miles long but this length may vary.

For more information on the NYSDOT Adopt-A-Highway program please go to: https://www.nysdot.gov/programs/adopt-highway

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August 16, 2011

Hydroseeding is a Great Way to Stop Erosion

Erosion Control is probably one of the most critical aspects of every construction site where earthwork or material is being moved around. It is so important when working near a body of water to establish vegetation on steep slopes or areas around the construction site to prevent sediment and silt from entering a body of water and being conveyed downstream. The NYSDEC has guidelines for stabilization on construction sites especially if a stormwater permit has been issued for a site . Typically an area that is not going to be disturbed for 14-days, should be mulched and seeded to help prevent material from leaving a construction site.

A site in Hague, NY that hydroseeding was used in conjunction with erosion control mats/fabric

Hydroseeding with a grass seed mix can quickly help establish vegetation to prevent or minimize runoff and erosion from occurring. There are numerous techniques that we apply in different situations. No one site is identical, so you may have to apply multiply erosion control measures to help reduce the chance of erosion. Steep slopes that are 1:2 or greater may require additional design measures to prevent erosion from happening.

It is a good idea to talk to a licensed consultant, with expertise in stormwater and erosion control measures, to develop a plan that can be implemented. This happens to be the 2nd attempt at stabilizing this bank. (It’s our 1st attempt and we had been caught by a suprise thunderstorm during the installation and the temporary solution held-up while we waited out the storm to implement the final measures.)

Anthony W. DeFranco, PE-Consulting Engineer can provide a site visit/consultation should your site need erosion control measures. He can be reached at 518-791-9816 or [email protected]

Frank Fontana of DeFranco Landscaping inspects the recently installed erosion control mats



August 13, 2011

Shoreline Buffers along Lake George

DeFranco Landscaping installed a shoreline buffer of native plants along the shoreline of Lake Georgeto help filter contaminants and pollutants. Additional plantings and a rain garden were also added as future projects along with rip-rap armored swales on the driveway to catch and direct runoff to appropriate infiltration locations.

 Native plants thrive without fertilizer and filter runoff which reduce the amount of sediment and nutrients from enteringLake George. The buffer also provides privacy, screening out light and noise from lake activities, while framing a beautiful view.

 This project has been featured in the Lake George Association’s September-November 2010 newsletter.  Lake-Saving Projects like this helped DeFranco Landscaping receive the 2010 Frank Leonbruno Memorial Lake Stewardship Award for their use of native plants around the Lake George Basin from the Lake George Watershed Coalition. DeFranco Landscaping was featured in The Times Union for their “green infrastructure” and award winning landscaping using native plants.

“DeFranco’s approach is about protecting the lake from harm,” said David Decker, director of the Lake George Watershed Coalition, which is devoted to protecting the lake. “It is about educating the homeowner.”

“DeFranco has taken the time to figure this out, and install the shoreline buffers with native plants,” said Emily DeBolt, education director for the Lake George Association, a 125-year-old lake conservation not-for-profit group that last summer helped convince the town of Lake George to ban fertilizers containing phosphorus, a potent nutrient that can help fuel lake algae.

Read more about DeFranco’s approach at : http://www.timesunion.com/business/article/Planting-what-comes-naturally-1316745.php#ixzz1UrxRBsWd


Native Plant Shoreline Buffer - Lake George

 DeFranco Landscaping can provide their clients with a list of native plant material that can thrive in Adirondack region and along theLake George shoreline. Not to mention deer-resistant plant material for different regions. David DeFranco notes that: “We are finding that deer seem to like different plant material in different locations. We are finding that they have different tastes for plants. Many plants that were once thought to be “deer resistant” may not be the case in your location.” DeFranco cautions planting the usual suspects such as many evergreen species, unless you plan to protect them.  Deer especially love Hostas.

Native Plant Shoreline Buffer - Lake George

August 13, 2011

Pura-Flo Septic System Design and Native Plant Landscaping

Designed by Anthony W. DeFranco, PE

Pura-Flo Septic System

An alternative engineered septic system was recently installed at John & Virginia Geils in Hague, NY. Their existing system was leaking near the shoreline of Lake George. The Pura-Flo Septic System was designed by Anthony W. DeFranco, PE-Consulting Engineer. A variance was required from the Town of Hague to place the system within the 100-foot setback to the lakeshore due to soil limitations and an existing well. 

A four-modular system was installed for the 4-bedroom house by Bruce Geraw of O.K. Santiary Service in Ticonderoga in late June. The system up and running before the July 4th deadline. The system has duplex pumps and high level alarms.

After the system was started-up,  DeFranco Landscaping returned to replant the numerous transplanted shrubs and perennials around the perimeter of the septic system to shield the system from the house. The upgradient banks were hydroseeded with a native NY wild flower & meadow mix along with placing a layer of erosion control fabric on the bank to prevent potential erosion. “We have had great success with our hydroseeder. We have experimented with a few different mixs and can apply almost anytime in the season to get good coverage and fast seed germination” notes DeFranco.
Pura Flo Systems are ideal around bodies of water such as Lake George and remove 99.99% BOD from the septic waste. For more information on alternative septic system design and the regulations related to the Lake George basin and the APA, please contact Anthony DeFranco at 518-791-9816 or via e-mail at [email protected]
The Lake George Association also has landscape planting recommendations around leachfields. Anthony DeFranco, PE would caution any property owner about planting any plants within a leach field or in the general vicinity of the leach field without talking with a Professional Engineer and a representative of the engineered septic system manufacturer. 
DeFranco notes “Some manufacturer’s will not warranty their system with landscaping around their modules. You should always check this out before planting in a leachfield. Some plants have deep roots and should never be planted in close proximity of a leach field. You do not want to jeapordize the integrity of your leach field. The cost to repair can easily be in the thousands of dollars if not more.”  

Pura-Flo Septic System Leachfield with banks hydroseeded and protected with erosion control fabric


August 13, 2011

Project Follow-Up – Silver Bay YMCA Welcome Sign at Night

We have received a lot of compliments on our recent work at the Silver Bay YMCA and thought our followers/viewers would like to see some follow-up pictures of the project. Attached is a photo of the Silver Bay YMCA Welcome Sign at night. You will be seeing a similar project somewhere in the near future. Just wait and see. We have been working on another site that is going to really showcase our artistic talents.  

The sign structure is built for the long-term and should hold up to almost anything, barring a tree falling on it, a 52 foot tractor trailer hitting it or a major natural disaster. Concrete footings and pier are substantial for this sign. (Over Designing never hurts)

Silver Bay YMCA Welcome Sign at night


August 13, 2011

Keep the Queen Clean – Lake George Clean-Up Day 2011

Tony and his son James DeFranco participated in the 1st Annual Keep the Queen Clean – Lake George Clean-Up Day. They picked up garbage along the roadside of NYS Route 9N in the Island Harbor area, focusing on the culvert outfalls that lead into wetlands in the Friends Point Association. They found lots of old bottles! They also spent some time cleaning up Peggy’s Point of debri.

James DeFranco participating in Keep the Queen Clean-Lake George Clean-Up Day at Peggy's Point in Hague


James DeFranco taking a break to wash his little feet in Lake George at Peggy's Point

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August 13, 2011

Another Green Infrastructure Project Completed

DeFranco Landscaping recently completed a landscaping project in the Town of Lake George that required to installation of permeable pavers to minimize stormwater runoff for additional length of impervious driveway and a new rain garden/ stream bank buffer. The rain garden was installed per NYSDEC guidelines for the new sotrmwater regulations along with the use of native plants for vegetation.

Permeable Paver Installation

The lawn was hydroseeded which helped expedite seed germination. Grass was starting to show after about 5-days from hydroseed spraying. Erosion control measures were installed along the project perimeter to help minimize sediment from entering the stream that flows into Lake George. For more information on this project or any similar projects, please contact us at 518-543-6089 or [email protected]. We would be happy to provide our expertise to other design consultants and potential clients with a site consultation with similar projects. Follow us on Facebook for other interesting projects and ideas.

Rain Garden with Native Plants


August 6, 2011

Silver Bay YMCA Welcome Sign Completed

The Silver Bay YMCA Welcome Sign project has been completed.  DeFranco Landscaping took the project from initial design through construction. Full Service Design (Renderings, Landscape Plans,  Design Plans and Permitting with LGPC and the Town of Hague)were provided on this project.  The project scope included the installation of a new rock wall that was shifted back from Silver Bay Road to provide a wider shoulder for vehicles and snowplowing during the winter months. A set of slab steps were also installed along with a porous walkway that was placed over grass cells to provide pedestrian access to the gym and beach area from (3) cottages located at the southern end of the campus.

Landscape plantings were installed along the walkway path and consisted primarily of native plants. The disturbed areas were hydroseeded prior to project completion. Erosion Control measures were implemented and modified as needed to prevent sediment from leaving the site and entering Lake George.

Finished Landscaping & Welcome Sign Bed

The main part of the project was the installation of a new welcoming sign for Silver Bay YMCA. Two stone masonry piers were poured and a landscape bed was constructed around the welcome sign pier. Exterior lighting was also provided to light the sign in evenings. The sign was shifted prior to construction to minimize glare to neighboring cottages and reduce impacting the view of Lake George upon entering the campus. The landscape plantings around the welcome sign took into account the shade conditions as well as using primarily native plants.

Numerous visitors and seasonal residents have been praising the work. We enjoyed all aspects of this project, allowing us to highlight the wide range of services and craftmanship that our crews have and can bring to a project.

We look forward to working with other commercial businesses in the area that are looking to upgrade their entrance ways and signage. We can provide a “wow” factor to make people take notice.  

Stone Retaining Wall, Granite Slab Steps and Walkway Plantings

August 5, 2011

Anthony DeFranco selected to 2011 Post-Star’s “20 Under 40”

We would like to congratulate Anthony DeFranco, who  was selected as one of the 2011 honorees of the Post-Star’s “20 under 40” The Post-Star honors people younger than 40 who have demonstrated success and dedication to their careers and who are role models in their trades or communities.  The Post-Star 20 Under 40 honorees were selected by a committee of community leaders within the Warren, Washington and Saratoga counties. A luncheon will be held on September 20 at the Fort William Henry Hotel in Lake George for all the honorees.

Tony has been very involved with his profession over the last 10 years, volunteering and taking on leadership roles with the American Society of Civil Engineers. He is the past president of the Mohawk-Hudson Section of ASCE and received the 2010 Meritorious Service Award from the Section.

He is a licensed professional engineer, practicing in the Lake George region and Adirondacks under his business Anthony W. DeFranco, PE-Consulting Engineer and works full-time with DeFranco Landscaping, Inc. located  in Hague, NY.   He is also a Certified Nursery & Landscape Professional with NYSNLA.

For more information on the awards, please visit the Post-Star website.

 Anthony DeFranco’s profile and experience can be viewed on Linkedin at:
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August 5, 2011

Silver Bay Sign Bed Nears Completion

The work at Silver Bay YMCA is nearing completion. The pillars and framing of the structure are completed. The beds are ready for landscaping.

We look forward to displaying the finished product. We have received a lot of compliments of this project.

 The rock wall and porous stone walkways are also installed.



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