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October 11, 2011

Busy Beavers on the loose!

We have noticed a lot of beaver activity on the lake this fall. We have been battling with a very busy beaver in the Sabbath Day Point area.

Beaver Damage

This tree has already come down since the photo was taken and the larger one to the left was being “worked” on. Beavers  prefer the softwoods and will work all night! No tree appears to be too big for their appetite. Wrapping trees with a wire mesh can help prevent beaver damage to your “prized” trees and shrubs.



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October 11, 2011

Trees donated to Ticonderoga Central School’s Playground

David DeFranco recently donated numerous maple and oak trees to the new playground at the Ticonderoga Central School. David is a former science teacher at the Ticonderoga Middle School and also served on the school board.

The crews from DeFranco Landscaping also planted the trees at the playground. Numerous people and businesses have donated their time and resources to provide the local children a first-class playground to use. For more information, please follow the link to The Times of Ti article: http://www.timesofti.com/news/2012/jan/11/ti-playground-gets-trees-defranco-makes-donation/

Tree Plantings at Ti Playground

Tree Plantings at Ti Playground


October 11, 2011

Rain Garden Installations

DeFranco Landscaping installed a 1,100 SF rain garden for stormwater management in Bolton Landing that was designed by Jarrett Engineers. The original vertical log home cottages were torn down and replaced with a modern 2-story vertical log home that sits on the same original footprints. Design and house reconstruction was completed by the McKiernon Group.

 The increase in stormwater runoff from the impervious driveway and roof was handled by the installation of a rain garden that helped control surface runoff along with filtering out contaminants and pollutants. Native plants were used for plantings in the rain garden. They thrive without fertilizer and filter runoff which reduce the amount of sediment and nutrients from entering Lake George. The buffer also provides privacy, screening out light and noise from neighboring properties within the development.

 Runoff from the cottages was directed to the rain garden through a dry grass swale with an under drain wrapped in stone. Erosion control measures were installed to prevent any sediment from leaving the site.  Rain gardens acts as an infiltration measure for stormwater management for roof runoff and surface runoff. They are also in the NYSDEC Stormwater Manual as a “Green Infrastructure” practice. 


Rain Garden - Bolton Landing


Rain Garden - Bolton Landing

Another rain garden was recently constructed in Sabbath Day Point. This rain garden was installed to control surface runoff from existing roof leaders. It was designed by Anthony DeFranco, PE. It was a smaller 600-SF rain garden. Two small shoreline buffer plantings were also installed to help with the situation.

Rain Garden - Sabbath Day Point

Both rain gardens were planted with native shrubs and perennials. The deeper roots of these plants in the rain garden soak up more water and nutrients. 



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