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April 15, 2012

Spring Blossoms can provide Early Season Color to the Landscape

Adding spring bulbs to any shrub bed can provide early season color for weeks in the early part of April and May while the other flowers and shrubs prepare to bloom in the mid to late-summer months. The key to spring blossoms is doing the legwork the season before. The bulbs need to be planted in the previous summer to provide those vibrant yellow, pink, purple, blue and white colors that keep coming back year after year.

Spring Bulbs-Blossoming-1

Spring Bulbs-Blossoming

You may notice that some properties only get one burst of either spring or mid-summer blasts of color.  DeFranco Landscaping’s philosophy has been to provide our clients with as much color as possible out of the summer months. We try to provide spring bloomers and late-season fall color so that your property looks its best which will provide you with great enjoyment while you relax and enjoy the views on your property.

If you are envious of your neighbor’s spring flowers, you need to do some homework and get planting this summer or hire that gardener/landscaper, who knows how to provide those spring blossoms so that your property will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Spring Blossoms-Purple Monarda                                                                                 








One word of caution before you go planting bulbs, deer can wreak havoc on those spring bulbs over the winter months, so make sure that your property does not have a heavy deer population or chances are that some of your bulbs will disappear.


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April 14, 2012

Dunkin’ Donuts Returning to Ticonderoga with “New” Landscaping by DeFranco Landscaping

The Ticonderoga Dunkin’ Donuts opened and closed abruptly 4-years ago and will now be re-opening for business again. The property has been vacant since it closed on April 2, 2008.

The new Ticonderoga Dunkin’ Donuts will be entirely remodeled and the outside landscaping will be completely renovated. The new owners have local landscaper David DeFranco on board.  “We want to make it stand out,” Greg Sagris said. “It will look great.”

The Dunkin’ Donuts is located near a Walmart SuperCenter, RiteAid Drugs, Subway, McDonald’s and other commercial enterprises.

“We are thrilled that they are investing in the Ticonderoga community,” Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Matt Courtright said. “In addition to getting the building back online, they are working on landscaping plans with DeFranco Landscaping to create a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere. This is one of the first buildings you see as you enter Ticonderoga, and we are excited that it will be coming back to life.”

Dunkin' Donuts-Ticonderoga

Dunkin' Donuts-Ticonderoga-Start of Landscape Renovation

This article appeared on the front page of the Press Republican on Thursday, April 12, 2012. To view the entire article. please follow the link below:


The appearance of the exterior of a commercial property can be critical to business traffic. A business has one chance at a person’s first impression. It can help draw traffic to your business. Landscape maintenance should be looked at as an opportunity to help keep your business’s appearance up, not as an unnecessary expense. The cost for property maintenance is proportional to the amount of maintenance visits. It can cost significantly more to renovate a site that has been neglected versus one that has been consistently maintained.


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