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DeFranco’s receive the Irving Langmuir Award in 2017: ›

The Fund for Lake George awarded Anthony DeFranco, PE of DeFranco Landscaping and Anthony W. DeFranco, PE-Consulting Engineer with the Irving Langmuir Award on July 8, 2017 at the Fund for Lake George’s Annual Meeting. The award is given for excellence in development and stewardship, recognizing DeFranco’s dedication to protecting Lake George by implementing Low-Impact Development (LID) practices.

DeFranco noted that it was an honor to be recognized for this award, however it is a honor to his family for which his mother and father have dedicated the last thirty years to doing the “right things” around the Lake George basin. “We, as a Company and as a Family, certainly are proud to be honored with such a prestigious award. Thank you to all our clients and customers who have been instrumental in accepting our recommendations of implementing low-impact development techniques and practices on your properties.”

“Without our customers who recognize how important Lake George’s water quality is, we wouldn’t be recognized for this award. We all do our part. We are all in this together. Our customer’s properties have become our own personal laboratories as we continue to study and better understand each low-impact development practice.”, stated DeFranco.

2010 Frank Leonbruno Memorial Lake Stewardship Award: ›

DeFranco Landscaping has been recognized for using these techniques and was the proud recipient of the 2010 Frank Leonbruno Memorial Lake Stewardship Award from the Lake George Watershed Coalition for use of native plants in their landscape designs.  Some of their native plant designs and lake-friendly landscaping have been featured in trade magazines and other publications.

DeFranco Landscaping, Inc. has installed lakeshore buffers of native plants along the shoreline of Lake George to help protect the shoreline from erosion and minimize sediment and nutrients from entering the lake. Native plants thrive without fertilizer and filter nutrients out of the runoff before they enter the lake. The buffers also provide privacy by screening out light and noise from activities on the lake. They can also help to frame a beautiful view and provide habitat that attracts birds and insects such as butterflies.

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