Stormwater Erosion Management

Our technical knowledge and consulting experience on Stormwater management and green infrastructure help DeFranco Landscaping have an advantage over most other contractors.  We recognized that having specialized crews with the proper training and latest equipment is an asset to our customers when working on critically sensitive areas along the lakeshore. Our crews understand erosion control methods and recognize problem areas and know how to protect your construction site.

We focus our designs on green infrastructure. We believe using native plants with minimal maintenance is a proven solution for stormwater and erosion control. We have constructed rain gardens, vegetated swales and shoreline buffers with native plantings because these methods typically require less maintenance, are usually more cost effective to construct, and the plantings can be more attractive than other methods.

We install permeable paver systems to eliminate hard impervious surfaces from the landscape. We have been very successful at hydroseeding sensitive areas, quickly establishing lawns or other vegetation to prevent soil from eroding away. We get many referrals from various regulatory agencies because of our reputation for doing the right thing. It is an honor to be recognized as a leader in our industry and we are quite proud of our reputation.

Plantings in front a lakefront home prevent stormwater runoff

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